Get a Pre-approval to Qualify for a Home Purchase in 2022

By Connie Graham and Briana Hennigan |

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Low mortgage rates, pent-up demand, and reduced supply during the pandemic have ignited a fire in the Canadian housing market. It is too early to tell if the real-estate market will continue at this record breaking pace in 2022, however being prepared for the home buying process and knowing what to expect will help you stay organized and be in a better position to eventually and successfully buy your home.

If you are looking for your first home, it can be both an exciting and worrisome time! There are First-Time Home Buyer Incentives that can help reduce your monthly mortgage payment without increasing your down payment. Inquire with us so we can help you navigate all the government incentives that may be available to you.

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How to participate in the Home Buyers' Plan (HBP)

Get Started planning for your home purchase:

  1. Know your credit score and do necessary credit repair and improvements. Looking to your past will help mortgage lenders know what to expect in the future. Are you able to pay your bills on time? Have you had late payments, disputes in the past with creditors, etc.? For large banks and credit unions, typically anything above 680 is considered good. For smaller banks and other lenders, a lower credit score is accepted.
  2. Find out what you can comfortably afford. A borrower’s capacity to pay the mortgage is one of the lender’s main focuses. There are a variety of factors that help determine borrower capacity which includes income, assets, and liabilities. TIP: reduce your debt.
  3. Work stability is a key consideration in your eligibility for a mortgage. The more consistent your income, tenure, and stability in your employment the better. New employment is fine as long as your income is guaranteed. For most non-salaried employment, such as self-employment, a lender will use an average of the last two years of your income.
  4. Get Pre-Approved! Learn what documents you’ll need to get a mortgage pre-approval. Complete an application here: Apply Here

With your pre-approval in hand, you’re ready to start your home search! You’ll be in a more confident position to look for and place your offer on a home!

All in all, buying a home will be among the largest transactions you’ll enter into over your lifetime. And the rules governing borrowing for home-buying change over time, too. The COVID-19 pandemic has added new uncertainties for today’s prospective homebuyers. The price of housing, the stability of income, and the overall health of the Canadian economy have all been impacted by the pandemic—and the effects are still unfolding, if you'd like to get a pre-approval in place, please contact me now.